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Rusty skills , curling paper

So I have returned, 'a twitch upon the thread' to quote one of my favourite authors. It takes an amount of self indulgence to lock oneself away when there are constant chores to be done and in a household of a constant 6 kids there are chores aplenty.
Perhaps its a time of life; I am more than half way through mine and I find I am returning to things that inspired me long ago. I am drawing again. I am enjoying it, my lack of skill is frustrating but it is very satisfying to see it return little by little and I have produced some pieces I am not ashamed of showing. I am seeing the world in colours, shapes and shades long forgotten and it pleases me.
I have revisited my 'coming of age' companion Tolkien. Tolkien was with me from when I was 10 years old until I was in my early 20s. I must have been Geek child incarnate (although back then the term wasn't honed) I reread my copy of LOTR until it fell apart and lost count at rereading number 44. I tried to teach my self to write in Dwarvish runes, imagined how Quenya might have sounded and sought out long flowing middle earth type gowns - not hard in the early `70s. Now I find I am not alone and need to bow to the great worldwidewonderweb yet again. Although the ability to dress up as an elf has long passed the archetype of theme and the magic are still there.


Ha ha. It brings back some memories. I read The Hobbit during the vacations after CP. I would have liked to read LoTR, but my parents forbad me to read it before I was in CE2 because they feared I wouldn't understand it. When I was finally allowed to read it, they would even ask me questions during the meals to check. I passed. ;)

I did learn the dwarvish runes too, even though the alphabet wasn't complete and I had to pick some of it from the map Elrond read at Rivendell (we did have a copy of the book in English, so I could match his translation with what was on the map). Then I proceeded to taught the Dwarvish runes to two other kids when I was in 6ème, so that we could communicate. In Dwarvish.
I still remember most of it. I was disappointed when I found later that it didn't match the real runes, though. :P