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Zen and the art of Knitting

Knitting seems to be a metaphor for life at the moment and I`m knitting like crazy.
Five projects on the needles, ripped all of them off. Tension isn`t correct, yarn is the wrong ply/colour, bored of this pattern - or is it too many patterns and too little time. Striving for the perfect thing to finish and finish none. Too many kids and Grandkids to knit for, toys clothes, tea cosies and mittens. Don`t get me started on socks.
Searching for Nirvana in the depths of hand dyed yarn and wooden needles.
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I totally Grok

I've had to put my knitting on indefinite hold while I raise my kids and have a full time job. BUT, I totally understand, and in a way, that's a metaphor for large parts of my life as well!!

Have a nice cuppa, relax, pick a project, GO!!


Re: I totally Grok

How I miss you Ruthless!
How is your RL and your babies ?

Cuppa drunk, yarn sorted (well sort of) One Easter weekend bear completed, now for the next one .....