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Nov. 26th, 2009



I have just had the best couple of days for a very long time !
I took my lovely daughter for her very first taste of London. We had 36 hours and managed to cram in two West end shows, shopping, a little bit of sightseeing and lots more shopping.

We saw La Cage aux Folles and my stomach is still hurting - it does one good to laugh so much and for so long that it hurts. Extraordinarily the cast were laughing too.The rapport and interaction between cast, company and audience was amazing. It was glitzy and fantastic with both pathos and hysteria in buckets.

I do have a problem with the stage door syndrome, IMHO one pays for the show, the actor provides the entertainment and then if they want to go home for supper and a hot bath or a glammy party thats their call. Stage doors are over and above the job description and feel like an imposition.
However my daughter really wanted to try it, it was her treat, and she had brought her little brothers vortex manipulator toy with her for "Captain Jack" to sign. My littlest one prefers his sonic screwdriver and manipulator to a teddy bear. He sleeps, eats and lives those toys.
Simon Burke and John Barrowman were both friendly , welcoming and warm. John Barrowman was especially lovely, chatting for a long while and taking special care over the manipulat0r toy and asking about its owner. I have some wonderful pictures (posted in my scrapbook), my daughter has the best memories and I have the happiest little boy in the world because one actor took the time to go over and above. The world need more people like this.

Nov. 9th, 2009



So the rennovations to the 400 year old farmhouse are going OK, taking forever but at least we can now see the progress and be excited by it.
In order to speed things up and so we can spend Christmas there without dying of hypothermia and railing through mud,  we spent the weekend plaster blocking the sitting room. It `s looking better, but bloody hell I cannot move. Just to prove I could carry as much as my husband I was lugging plaster blocks around 2 and 3 at a time. It felt OK fired with adrenaline and I felt vindicated that yeah, I could cart this much weight around without the testosterone. It felt like crap when I couldn`t get my groceries out of the cart and onto the check out this morning. What a prat ! 

Nov. 4th, 2009



One of the best lines ever : "A battle of the costume jewelry counter, how very feminine"
 WooHoo Go Sarah Jane ! 

Oct. 12th, 2009



Oooh, very cool ! An old friend of mine had a little tinsey part on Merlin this weekend !!!

Oct. 8th, 2009


Iths Itunes meme. Total cop out!

I`ve stolen this from Ith just because I am totally lazy, have a huge pile of paper work and a huger pile of ironing which are threatening to transmog into vile and devious demons which will then detroy my universe unless I go and seriously slaughter them  in the next hour. It will take me at least an hour to decide what to write here and then I`ll get diverted into reading your pages...

Opening ITunes:

How many songs :     934
Playtime :                     2.6 days
Most played :               Dahm the Bard , Taliesins Song
Most recently played: Queen , Love of my Life
Most recently added:  John Barrowman, Youre so vain

Sorted by title
First song : Aerie Faerie Nonsense   The Enid
Last song: Yan Tyan Tethera Methera  The Bad Shepherds

Shortest song: Adam catched Eve , Maddy Prior and Tim Hart
Longest song: All Apologies, Nirvana

First song that comes up on shuffle
Only women bleed , Alice Cooper

Death; 23 songs
Life:     10 songs
Love:    44 songs
Hate:       1 song
You:     98 songs ( although I noticed the search engin also includes words like YOUng  - crap)


Oct. 7th, 2009



Hohum, Over a year since I posted an entry.

I need to do this thing but I`m not sure what it should be - a journal ? a blog ? a place for fannish fings ? Perhaps all of the above and more, throw some letters into the universe and see what happens.
I guess the above is as good a place to start as any.

1) Journal:
Still living in Paris , I LOVE Paris but in a bit of a funk at the moment, need to shake off the smog and go find some gorgeous places to wallow in. Not today though, today is the last day on our Disney passes and there is no school on Wednesday afternoons here so I`m packing my little ones up along with marmite sandwiches and we`re going to visit the mouse. The passes were woth every penny BTW,

2) Blog: 
LIstening to Pink. I like Pink, I also like Malher, the Dolmen, and I still like The Enid, Going to see Fleetwood Mac next week I really like them too! My musical tastes are becoming decidedly diverse and perhaps therein uncool. Perhaps diversity of taste is something which comes with age, one doesnt need to cling so tight to any one thought because getting lost is part of the fun.

3) Fandoms:
For three years I protested and refused to countenance the thought but the dark side has claimed me. I`m catching up on Dr Who ! I gave up watching Dr Who when Tom Baker reincarnated as Peter Davidson and never wanted the Doctor again to enter my thoughts again. I  relented  taking my sons to a  "farewell" con/ prop display thing when Dr Who was officially canceled in 1992 ish. We were the only people there apart from Sylvester Mc Coy, it was pityful. Sylvester was lovely, answered questions, chatted and signed everything the boys had but it was a very sad awkward experience, Resistance is futile however and I found myself sucked into the Torchwood Rift and seduced by Christopher Ecclesons Doctor and Captain Jack big time. I am currently half way through season 2 of Ten who is pretty dam fine. 
House continues to intrigue - the last episode The Tyrant  presented an archetype of moral dilemma rather nicely.
Highlander. Still sends shivers to the back of the neck.
The best smiles are from  finding familiar names in the vast lake of fanfic. There is so much pond weed but occasionally one finds a pearl, or a shiny rainbow fish, or even a treasure chest hidden in the mud. It is delightful to have found these on LJ, even more delightful that the screen names on the bottom are the same as were on the HL fanfic I was reading a decade ago. I wish I could give these people their own shows !


Jun. 26th, 2008


Memes ,stolen from TBird

<#> Post 3 things you've done in your lifetime that you don't think anybody else on your friends list has done.
<#> See if anybody else responds with "I've done that." If they have, you need to add another.
<#> Have your friends cut & paste this into their journal to see what unique things they've done in their life.

1)  Lived in a commune - a very long time ago !!!

2) Had 8 babies, one unassisted.

3) Made real Calvados : Grown apples, picked apples, squashed apples, barreled juice, bottled juice, distilled the cider, warmed many cockles.

Country mouse/Town mouse

With not a little trepidation I`m off to look at some rentals near/in Paris over the weekend.

My favourite city in the world but the prospect of living elsewhere than this corner of paradise is both exciting and very scary.

It will be worth it to be with my other half every night.
The lights, the museums, the art, the shopping and then theres Disneyland Hahaha

I`m pretty sure I can find a garden big enough for the kids but a stables and a couple of fields for the horses - hmmm.  Challenges *are* good ...

May. 26th, 2008


Helen Austin

OK Im slow but I`ve just discovered this wonderful lady:

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