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Knitting in the box / Banging my head against woolly walls

I have been knitting for nigh on 40 years - yes I am old. Since I had to go to school on a Saturday morning to knit squares for starving babies in Africa - no I don`t know how knitted squares filled their bellies and yes, it was a Catholic school. I was never taught I just watched other people and tried to figure out what they were up to. The end product resembled a garter stich square exactly but the method differed, I would knit from right to left and back again and the result seemed just fine.
Until a decade or so later when the need to make small woolly things for my babies arose. My method didn`t work with the patterns which came free in Woolworths. A trip or two the the library and enlightenment - there are basically two different stitches and one is meant to turn the work around after each row.
Now a quarter of a century later and a quarter of a century restricting myself to plain, colourwork and cables (well I`m not very good at this) and I decide it is time to tackle the ultimate - lace. I dream of webs of delicate patterns, shimmering fae shawls and pretty edges from the long and distant past. Most of what I have produced is serviceable and chunky, not without its own charm but could never be considered artistic except in its most rustic sense of the word.
Four failed projects later I have discovered why thanks to youtube (of all things) I have been doing it WRONG ! for a K I have been TBLing, I have been Ping clockwise instead of anti. Although this wasn`t noticeable before if I want to create anything with lacy refinement I`m going to have to start all over again. Here`s looking forward to knitting inside the box !


I taught myself to knit and apparently I knit "continental style." I hold my needles different. It might be that you've done this as well. Is there a knitting store nearby or a knitting circle somewhere you can go to for one meeting? Wish I could help. Hang in there. I decided to go from back and forth to Icelandic color changes one day. I understand the urges.

Was too busy to knit for my babies.
Icelandic colour work ! That`s impressive Ruthless. I have started from scratch; a couple of plain K and P kiddie cardis. Learn to actually read the instructions instead of making it up as I go along. But, I have invested in this http://afewstitchesshort.blogspot.fr/p/fellowship-of-ring-series.html
If I can make the Evenstar before I shuffle this mortal coil I will be content !
Oh, those knitting patterns are SO beautiful. Their all single yarn with a lot of cable/yarn over adding/combining stitches, right? I find that more difficult than icelandic, since it's a bit hard to look back and see what you've done. You really have to concentrate on each row.

My thoughts are:
make sure you have a basic knitting book that has lovely pictures that show all of the stitches/yarn overs/combinings addings that are in your patterns. I have found the "Vogue" book of knitting helpful here. Good pictures. You might be able to find good pictures on the internet as well. (Haven't really knitted since youngest, age 5, was born.)

Then, maybe just require of yourself one side/row. If you do more, that's great, but I find the care it takes to do one row of this type of pattern almost mentally exhausting. I certainly have ADD tendencies that have been magnified in motherhood (and apparently an unknown low-iron problem, now remedied YEAH). (This is how I approach cleaning: put 10 things away, if you do more, congrats. If not, you're not allowed to feel guilty.)

GOOD LUCK and keep me posted (PM-ing is fine.)

My latest project is a half-finished piano keys scarf for my sons piano teacher. It has a "hidden" patten. It's dead simple with no color changes except at the end of a row (dead-simple).