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screwed up brains

I would never have thought fostering would be so hard. It is bloody hard work, physically, mentally, financially and emotionally.

I don`t get it; people who know they have been screwed up then choose to screw up their own kids? When did that parental impulse of "doing better" "providing what I never had" or just simply "protecting from pain" get blown out?

I understand the theory of people who are having a hard time/ cant cope / dont have the life skills to cope.


You have to work pretty dam hard to screw up a kid in five short years ........


and by the time you (the foster mum) get the kids they're already on the way to being damaged for life - the kids my own mother was fostering just before she died were teenagers who had spent their lives in and out of care.

I would so much like to talk to your Mum right now Jette !
All the "support team " are on holiday Lol !