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If I have to explain to one more "professional" about the ADHD - ADD - Aspie spectrum disorder I swear I will print a list in three different languages with hints and tips of how to make life easier, but I cant help you find the willingness to implement them.

-Strong warning as to why it is a really bad idea to punish a child for not behaving in the *box* when they are obviously not being naughty or disruptive.

-Stronger warnings about overwhelming a child with long long lists of tasks.

- Life time guilt about making a child believe he /she is obstructive, lazy and stupid because that feeling stays with a child for all of their life.

and if I hear the words " I know he/she has the intelligence and knows the answers because we had a really good discussion about it BUT I don't understand why he/she refuses to put it all down on paper, written neatly in fountain pen with underlining and punctuation" again my head will implode.

Not dissing education or discipline here just wishing being a little bit different was OK.


I love you.

I'm sorry no one is listening.