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Jerri LaPoint President, Professor and Lady Who Cleans Trays in the Cafeteria at Highlander Universi

Jerri L. LaPoint, 55, of Kansas City, passed away on June 9, 2010 due to complications from Diabetes. She is survived by seven siblings. At her request, she has been cremated. She will be buried in the family plot in Ottumwa, Iowa, at a later date. (Arr. Heartland Cremation, 816-313-1677)

I have never met this lady, but from my first forays with the internet into usenet and fandom she was there with her sharp wit, concise insight, critique, intellect and above all humour.
I know she had a "humongous" family but lived alone with her dogs, she adored her dogs, crockpot chicken and noodles and cheesy cheetos. She knew how to solve computer problems, how to deal with trolls and she loved the sunshine.
Although once daily, my contact with her had become increasingly sporadic. She died far too young.

She was the heart of Alt.tv.Highlander, kept the lights on as people drifted in and out.
Rest peacefully my friend.

Check out her writing especially Highlander University.